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To be the Nigerian number1 SME’s and retail promoter.

Mission Statement

  • Our aim is to offer high quality, moderately  advertisement for our customers and develop  partnership.

  • We bring to our customers internationally recognized advertising paper with offices in  and many European countries.

  • Our goal is to grow our customer’s businesses income through affordable advert rates in our widely circulated medium.

How the System Works

TAKE A BREAK PAPER is powerful both in editorial contents and effective in advertising. We have the ability to target local customers quickly and accurately.

According to studies, more and more people now spend time shopping locally and love to read  short human angle stories. As a result, we take the time to know the community,  and the people.

In advertising, we eat the food before recommending a restaurant and we get to know the owners. We strive for excellence, we are simply the best. If a business or personality appears in our paper, it’s because they are number 1 and have earned it.

The quality and clear pictures appeal to the eyes; we only advertise the best products and feature the best personalities in every sector ranging from business, entertainment, fashion, law, sports e.t.c.

The paper is full of interesting stories, local businesses in which each business promote each other by simply making sure the paper is offered to the clients as they sit at their table waiting for their meal, or if they buy some goods, have a copy available for them to take.

We encourage you to call us on 01-2916779, one of our sales professionals will call on your business and offer you the best advertising discount. You can also order for .




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